Irreconcilable Differences? Fostering Dialogue among Philosophy, Theology, and Science

Diagnostic sans fil_C1ML4E87DTY3_2015-10-02_18.21.09Irreconcilable Differences? Fostering Dialogue among Philosophy, Theology, and Science, Edited by Jason C. Robison and David A. Peck, Foreword by Brian McLaren.

What if philosophy, theology, and science spent a little more time together? These fields often seem at odds, butting metaphysical heads. Instead of talking at, how about talking with one another? This book engages three academic disciplines–distinct yet sharing much in common–in a slice of conversation and community in which participants have aimed at validating the other and the way the other sees the world. The result is a collection of essays united by a thread that can be hard to find in academia.
In bringing together a wide range of contributors on a project that at first seemed unlikely, Irreconcilable Differences? is also a testament to the spirit of cooperation and hard work–evidence that small acts and events can make a big difference, and that sometimes all you need in order to make something good happen is an idea with a little support along the way. The editors of this collection are hopeful that its contributors and readers will keep looking for ways to bridge academic, social, and political gaps. We need to forge relationships based on personal knowledge and proper confidence seeking to make meaningful claims in an increasingly complex world.


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