The Spiritual Writings of Amir ‘Abd al-Kader

Michel Chodkiewicz, The Spiritual Writings of Amir ‘Abd al-Kader, translated by James Chrestensen and  Tom Manning, New York, State University of New York, 1995.

A selection of writings by a great nineteenth-century Sufi Shaikh in the direct lineage of Ibn ‘Arabi.

Behind ‘Abd al-Kader’s role of brilliant warrior lay another, that of spiritual master in the direct lineage of Ibn ‘Arabi, the Shaikh al-Akbar (the greatest shaikh). The thirty-nine texts translated here were chosen because they represent the major themes of the teaching of ‘Abd al-Kader. Many are commentaries on passages from the writings of Ibn ‘Arabi. They offer a rare opportunity to share the illumination of a master writing from his own direct experience.

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