The Oxford Handbook of Islam and Politics, edited by John L. Esposito & Emad El-Din Shahin

The Oxford Handbook of Islam and Politics, edited by John L. Esposito, Emad El-Din Shahin, Oxford University Press, 2013.

The Oxford Handbook of Islam and Politics offers a geographically comprehensive, in-depth analysis of the interaction of Islam and politics in the post-9/11 era, in an increasingly globalizing world, and in an Arab world transitioning to democracy.It addresses significant questions and issues such as: What is the current state of Islam and politics? How and why has political Islam been relevant in recent years? What are the repercussions and policy implications of the increased role of Islamic movements? And where is political Islam heading? The Handbook is organized into four parts. The first part analyzes the contexts and intellectual responses of political Islam.The second part focuses on the main ideologues of contemporary political Islam. The third part provides critical overviews of the interaction of Islam and politics regionally, in North America, Europe, the Middle East, in Central, South, and Southeast Asia as well as North and Sub Saharan Africa. The fourth part presents an in depth analysis of the dynamics of political Islam in politics through a wide range of case studies divided along three foci: Political Islam in Power; Islamic Movements and the Democratization Process; and Jihadist Political Islam.

Keywords: political Islam, politics, political transition, authoritarianism, democracy, Islamic movements, Jihadist



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