Educational Philosophy of Iqbal, by Tariq Masoodi

Tariq Masoodi, Educational Philosophy of Iqbal, APH Publishing, 2007.

The present study is a treatise which deals with Educational philosophy of Iqbal. The author has endeavoured to project Iqbal’s philosophy of education and its bearing on different dimension of educational activity. Present work is an effort to bring out this point of view in an elaborate and systematic manner. The author has highlighted objective and critical approach of Iqbal with reference to both modern and Madrasa Education. In this backdrop author of the book points out that the intensity and motivating feature of educational philosophy of Iqbal is that it gives due consideration to the dominant tendencies of idealism naturalism and pragmatism. And fuses these into a unity of thought that would give rise to a theory of education which would suit the needs of the day and satisfy all round aspirations of human soul.




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