Idols, Commodities and Islam, by Faisal Devji

Idols, Commodities and Islam.
Conference given by Faisal Devji, held at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva, 7 May 2019.

Faisal Devji is professor of history at the university of Oxford. He is the author of Landscapes of the Jihad: Militancy, Morality, Modernity (Hurst, 2005), The Terrorist in Search of Humanity: Militant Islam and Global Politics (Hurst, 2009), The Impossible India: Gandhi and the Temptation of Violence (Harvard University Press, 2012) and Muslim Zion: Pakistan as a Political Idea (Harvard University Press, 2013). He has coedited Islam after Liberalism (with Zaheer Kazmi, Oxford University Press, 2017) and Political Thought in Action: The Bhagavad Gita and Modern India (with Shruti Kapila, Cambridge University Press, 2013).


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