Inequality in inheritance: A view from the inside, by Siham Benchekroun

Women’s Inheritance. A multidisciplinary Perspective on Inheritance in Morocco

A number of Moroccans are calling for a revision of the rules governing inheritance in our country, and many more seem to be hostile to the idea, at times virulently so. Therefore, women’s inheritance shares seem forever untouchable, set in stone by the sacred texts. What are the main issues and stakes at play in regard to such a major question? Is full equality in inheritance rights between female and male Moroccan citizens an impossible prospect? Convinced that only collective reflection will lead to suitable solutions, the ambition of this book is to put forth a multi-disciplinary and scientific basis to this multidimensional problem, which spans a range of issues including social, religious, legal, but also economic, political, psychological, educational… The book is the result of a shared desire to contribute to the debate on a major issue which concerns us all, in a Muslim world in full transition, and marked by migrations and interfaith marriages. This pioneering work, published in three languages (Arabic, French, and English) has been possible thanks to the contributions of twenty three experts, representing different disciplines (theology, law, political and social sciences), as well as fifteen translators.

Siham Benchekroun is a physician, psychotherapist, researcher and community activist for women in vulnerable situations. She is also a writer who has published short stories and social novels. Her writing and speeches focus on the status of women in Morocco. Her website:


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