The Qurʼan, Women, and Modern Society, by Asghar Ali Engineer

Asghar Ali Engineer, The Qurʼan, Women, and Modern Society, New Dawn Press, 2005.

Divine injunctions from the Quran and traditional practices in Islam are reinterpreted in light of the fundamental Islamic values of justice and equality in this study on women’s status in Islam. Sociopolitical values and medieval social ethos, not scriptures, are presented as the origins of repressive practices, and these values are dispelled to provide a vision of Islamic gender relations that allows women full equality in public and private life, employment, and education. Controversial issues including domestic violence, polygamy, the veil, and family planning are discussed from a faith perspective that encompasses both religious and contemporary social ethics.

Asghar Ali Engineer (1939- 2013), an Indian Muslim, was a reformist-writer and activist. He was the head of the Institute of Islamic Studies and the Centre for Study of Society and Secularism.




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